Dr Bev Morris

Writer, Coach, Mentor

Bev has been writing, creating and coaching for thirty years. She’s been published in the UK, Canada and Australia and works with clients from North America to Antarctica. She works across genre and form and has had short stories, flash fiction, poetry and essays published as well as stage plays performed in writing festivals. Her coaching clients include Special Forces operatives, novelists, doctors, scientists, musicians, teachers and poets.

Bev provides coaching, mentoring, ghost-writing and creative workshops.

Contact Bev on bev@marvellousminds.co.uk

Sarah Wragg

Poet, Playwright, Editor

Annamaria Pellegrino

Annamaria is a psychology-based wellbeing consultant, trainer and coach. Annamaria has created a line of stationery designed to Awaken Your Best by combining productivity and focus with wellbeing and positive psychology. The stationery includes: Daily Planners, Journals and To-Do lists which transform your day by reducing stress, improving self-awareness, creating small manageable tasks, and facilitating the repetition of positive habits to have a better day, every day!

Annamaria provides coaching, self-development workshops and fitness classes.

Contact Annamaria on annamaria@bodhi.fit


Martin Lumsden

Producer – Froody Music

​The studio is available for recording projects of all kinds, from to demo tracking and live recording to full multi-track productions. To find out more about the service you require, take a look at his website; https://www.froodymusic.com/

Quivering Lip

Musicians and artists

Sammi and Rob can write music commissions for anything. From podcasts to film or anything in between- they’ve even written the theme tune for a comedy sitcom! Essentially, they are a couple, with a large family who write and record music as often as the kids allow them!

Visit our website

JJ Eringa

Film-maker and graphic designer

JJ Eringa is a filmmaker and illustrator based in and around London and Herts/Essex. He has been making films for nearly a decade and professionally so since 2017, working with clients such as the BBC, The Anchoress and James Dean Bradfield (Manic StreetPreachers), Madness, Thermionic Culture and Purple Disco Machine, among others.

Despite having held a variety of positions in every step of the filmmaking process from writer to sound designer, JJ works primarily in directing and editing, as well as commercial videography. JJ also has extensive experience as an illustrator/graphic designer in both traditional and digital media, working mostly in the album/single artwork for musicians and bands, but also producing film posters, podcast art, commissioned portraits and a variety of advertising posters and flyers.

See his work at: www.jjeringa.myportfolio.com

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jj_eringa/

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