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The Book Rugged Rocks Running Rascals

Life through the kaleidoscope of love and loss is a brittle thing. In Bev’s first collection of poems, she explores the dangerous attraction in a relationship that is destined to fail, the embarrassed anger of rejection and the bitter-sweet resignation of unexpected loss. There is no sentiment in the telling…

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We use our many years of industry experience in writing, music, coaching and leadership to produce everything from poetry to podcasts, songs to short stories, documentaries to. And we want to support you to do the same.

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An Average Pilot

The Story of a World War II Swordfish Night Mission over the Strait of Sicily

On 11 November 1941, four Fairey Swordfish of the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm took off from Hal Far base in Malta to fly a mission over the Strait of Sicily. Their plans quickly went awry, turning their story into one of skill, determination and grit that is only now being fully told.


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“Working with Bev has allowed me to take a crazy idea, and see it grow into a tangible, successful and inspiring piece of work. She is a seamless blend of creativity, intelligence, and getting shit done. When challenges arise, she always finds innovative ways around them. I am certain that without Bev I would not have even dared to begin this project, and would still be daydreaming about ‘making it happen.’ She is the dream co-pilot for any creative venture. You’d be mad not to work with her!”

– Gemma Milburn, Vocal Coach

“Bev Morris writes poetry that is firmly placed in the lived world: no glades of Arcady here, but hard corners, dodgy moves, and rot under the paintwork on the windowsill. Here, naivety invites inspection like fresh meat attracts blowflies, though the naivety is witting, wins out. She observes the well-known place, the well-known face with both ends of the spyglass, noticing the smallest fault lines, while admitting the distance between us, however close we are. She shows us the danger in casual encounter as well as surprise tenderness. Considering a stag night, she cuts to the heart of a ritual which has become vicious as well as vacuous, but reserves compassion for the victim; considering menstruation, she encapsulates the experience as a time bomb waiting to explode, twenty eight days and counting. It’s blunt, fearless stuff, but encapsulated in lines which can embrace assonance and alliteration as well as some startling metaphor and simile. At times polished and assured, at times rough and bluff, this is a poet emerging strongly as her writing takes her into everyday, ever more difficult, important places.”

– Rebeccca Bilkau, Publisher, Beautiful Dragons Collaborations

“Working with Bev I have been struck most of all by her capacity for creative collaboration. While many writers and artists take a solitary approach to their work, Bev shines when partnering, whether in groups or one-to-one. She excels in working with other people, often with little creative or writing experience, to bring their worlds and lives alive in texts and giving them the confidence to express themselves. This capability is not just theoretical but shows itself in practical outcomes, from setting up a women’s creative group to securing publication of an aviation history book developed with a pilot who had never done creative writing before. This ability to bring other people’s stories into the light is both rare and a true creative gift. “

– Melissa Addey , Author and speaker

“Bev bubbles with good ideas. She has limitless energy and enthusiasm, and excels at developing other people with their creative projects. She’s also really good fun to be around!”  

– Katherine Armstrong, Writer

“As an airline pilot undergoing a university degree project in 2021, my goal was to research more about #Coaching&Mentoring in #Aviation. I came across #MarvellousMinds and I discovered the multiple services they provide, including #Writing. Fast-forward two years, the professional collaboration with Dr Morris has led to a series of personal #Reflections, which not only have enriched my #LeadershipSkills at work, but also contributed to the publication of our first #Book: “An Average Pilot: the story of a World War II Swordfish mission over the Strait of Sicily”. In other words: what an incredible creative #Journey!”  

–  Captain Luca Lazzara

“I have known Bev for over 40 years from the very beginnings of her naturally talented writing and story telling journey. She has always had a gift for drawing the reader in, whether or not it’s a subject that the reader is familiar with. Bev’s passion for poetry is personal and emotive and well worth connecting with. She is a wonderful wordsmith. It is testament to a lifetime of dedication to writing and honing her craft that Bev has a catalogue of published work, with a new book being published in the Autumn – An Average Pilot. I have recently had the pleasure of working with Bev on a literary project and her thoroughness to lead and bring people together over writing was a joy to be part of.” light is both rare and a true creative gift. “

–   Avril Harrison-Berrow, Wrtiter

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