Bev Morris

Bev Morris is an award winning writer of poetry, women’s fiction, academic articles and training materials.

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Saboteur Awards 2021: Winner
Best Anthology


Bloody Amazing a poetry anthology


book cover image of Bloody Amazing

‘The Curse’ taken from Bloody Amazing

Beautiful Dragons Collaborations 2020

book cover of Well Dam

‘Inside Antarctica’ taken from Well, Dam!

Beautiful Dragons Collaborations 2019

The Book Rugged Rocks Running Rascals

Rugged Rocks, Running Rascals: poems for complicated times

Beautiful Dragons Collaborations 2019

book cover of Watch The Birdie

‘Unwelcoming Shores’ taken from Watch the Birdie

Beautiful Dragons Collaborations 2018

‘Loving Dissent’ taken from Noble Dissent

Beautiful Dragons Collaborations 2017

book cover of A Bees Breakfast

‘The Hertfordshire Stag’ taken from The Bees’ Breakfast

Beautiful Dragons Collaborations 2016

‘The Accidental Sea’ taken from Not a Drop

Beautiful Dragons Collaborations 2016
Harlow Buzz Buses Poetry Competition


meat hanging on hooks with a red fliter

The Flesh
Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Short Stories

Lady in a full yellow dress

Rhapsody in Yellow
Published in Smell of the Day

A Job for Elizabeth
Writers’ News 1998 Shortlisted

Flash Fiction

a tree blowing in the wind

The Perfect Word
Runner up in the Retreat West Flash Fiction 2019


two women out side a cafe sitting at a table having a drink

The Vagina Blogs
Runner up in Write Here! Write Now! 2019 new writing competition

image of two decorated soldiers talking on a benchs

9 Lives, 8 Deaths
Semi finalist in Write Here! Write Now! 2020 new writing competition

Creative Non-Fiction

An Average Pilot –  August 2023


‘Moments of Joy’ – coming spring 2023

‘Moments of Determination’ – coming spring 2023


Army camp soldiers laying out their kit

Inside Out: An exploration of the experience of feminist-educators in non-feminist learning communities
Morris, B and Flynn, J (2007)

prison cell bars

What’s it like in there? Reflections on being educators in military and para-military settings in the UK and Canada
Morris, B and Flynn, J (2007)

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