Dancing with your creativity

Dancing with your creativity

Author: Bev Morris Date: 2 May 2024

Do you want to dance yourself or ask a computer to do it for you? How about eating the delicious cake you’ve just baked? Do you want to taste it or is that going to be the domain of some software?

Humans really do have the edge on AI because we can enjoy the fruits, and dance moves, of our labours. Even as AI becomes progressively more adept at creating work that is less clunky, harder to detect as artificially produced, it will always stand still in its ability to enjoy the creative process and consumption of what has been created. AI can’t feel, it can’t taste, it can’t cry.

This is why I don’t use things like ChatGPT. I want to enjoy the pleasure (and pain) of writing. I want to make mistakes, fall over, get back up, stumble, keep going, and feel the elation when the best words in the best order come from my soul onto the page.


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I’m finding it easier to write 2024 than I did 2023. I think it means I’m more ready to live in this year then I have in my life so far,

to find happiness,

no, to create it

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